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Jan 28, 2008
  1. I have a Hotmail account going back to the infancy of the internet that has accumulated a lot of saved messages over the years that I would like to export/download. In Outlook I can export the contents of a folder to an archive file.

    Anyone know of any programs that can scroll through a Hotmail or Webmail folder and export/save the emails in it?

    These two programs seem to be able to do what I am looking for:

    but one got mostly bad reviews and the other has not been reviewed at all, and I am certainly not going to pay for something that might not work.

    Alternatively, if there is no program to archive webmail content, is there a way to get Snag-it or another capture engine to iteratively scroll through a folder link by link and capture each email without me manually having to do it for hundreds of messages?
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  3. billyellis

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    OK, I should have been more clear. I meant that I have used Outlook in the past, so that I know that archive files can be created. But I don't have Outlook now.

    So I am looking specifically for ways to save my webmail (Hotmail) messages to my hard drive through my browser, not through any other email program. My bad. :blush:
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    outlook express is NOT outlook.

    you could also use Mozilla Thuderbird (a freebe) to do the same thing
  5. billyellis

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    Point taken. I don't use either one and had long ago deleted all links/references to OE on my computer (since I could not uninstall the program itself), so I had forgotten that there was a "lite" version of Outlook hidden on my computer.

    The problem is this step in the article series you linked to (for FreePOPs):

    "Type your ISP's mail server under Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:.
    * Typically, you will use the same server you use for your other non-Windows Live Hotmail email account. "

    I only use webmail. As I said, I didn't even know there was one of these mail programs on my computer, so I don't have an outgoing mail ISP or ISP email account as far as I know, or if I do I have never used it. So what would I paste in for this step??

    Thanks for your help. My longstanding revulsion for and suspicion of MS (the corporation, not the disease, although that definitely sucks too) has always kept me away from any email programs that were not web-based, so I am totally clueless about these programs.
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    here's some commments on pop3/hotmail

    and more w/screen-shots

    the real issue is the settings, not which pop3 client. if you get
    1. inbound server name,
    2. port number,
    3. and the security login right
    , any pop3 client will work.

    I much prefer Mozilla software for the same reasonings :)
    The Thunder Bird Pop3 Client works very well and is open source too !
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    after you install thunderbird
    install the extensions or plugins in this order first webmail plugin then hotmail plugin
    config the account for localhost
    move the files back to mail folder and set all to unread
    or resend forward the emails
    how many did you say???
    I've been getting my hotmail this way for bout 5 month now
    note:these plugins seem to break every now and again
    so far so good my system is still running them fine
  8. billyellis

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    Thanks guys! :cool:
  9. dodolom

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    thunderbird is the best
  10. dodolom

    dodolom TS Rookie

    or you can try the new windows live mail or something
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