How can I disable a driver?

By DaMaluJordan
Aug 17, 2008
  1. I am running Vista 64-Bit and I want to disable a certain driver.
    I have speakers but for some reason, when i plug my headphones into the audio jack, nothing comes out of the headphones.
    I didn't have this problem before i installed a certain audio driver.
    Can you tell me how to disable or uninstall it?
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    If offered on the property sheet, do a roll back.

    Re-check your connection or your volume control settings. Line out for amplified speakers may not have enough signal for headphones to be audible.
  3. radnam

    radnam TS Rookie Posts: 29

    Or go to the Properties page and unistall it from there.

    and then install the old drivers if the above solutions does not work
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