How can I make recycle bin disapear?

By kwk2spt
Mar 22, 2009
  1. first off i have rocketdock so my recycle bin is there, but is there anyway for me to remove the actual image of the original recycle bin from my desktop...i just dont want to see two recycle bins and it would look much cleaner if i could just have the one thats on rocketdock. thanks for any help.

    Edit: zenosincks thank you so much for your help. And as for kimsland i want to sincerely apologize to you and the rest of techspot. you have been overly generous with the advice and the help which you have so graciously provided for me. i really do need help with all these things however i will be honest i didnt want to "flood" the forums with so many of the questions that i do so desperately need help for and i had planned to try to space it out because i definitely do not want to abuse the help that is provided here. as you very well know (especially now) i am very new to this as this is my first forum experience in many years of using the internet and when i saw that i had to have 5 posts in order to place the snapshot of my ipconfig/all results (which i thought was important to my inquiry) i decided to go ahead and ask some of the questions i had been needing answers to. now i realize that perhaps i still should have waited and again i apologize for that. also i have been away all day and unable to access my computer until now. i will not delete your posts anymore either i really didnt know what i should do wasnt intentional and i did heed your advice as i will continue to do. thank you and all of techspot for being patient with me in my experience i really do apreciate it whole heartedly.
  2. Matthew

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    If you're using Windows XP download the attached .zip below. Run "disable_recyclebin" to remove it from your desktop, and "enable_recyclebin" to make it return.

    If you're using Windows Vista you should just be able to right click it and select "Delete", I believe.

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  3. kimsland

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    kwk2spt you need to update your specs if you are going to make all these multiple threads

    These are all the threads you have created in the last day (nearly 2 days now)
    It's getting a bit rediculous

    Cant bluetooth from pantech c810 to razor
    Is linux better than xp?
    How can i make recycle bin disapear?
    Really need help w/ wireless network please
    Looking for the best firewall
    Should i keep what i have or build new?

    (I went over the total amount of links, so the last 2 look different)

    7 new threads in about 2 days. Wow you do need help.
    Strangely you haven't replied to them all yet, I hope it's not just about making new threads?
    Actually you haven't replied to any of them :confused: (obviously the Hello exclamation mark, doesn't need a reply of course) But because you have been, well so damn quick at making all these threads in a very short time interval; well you probably might not even know that support has graciously helped you. You really should thank them. Unless, well unless, you don't need help!


    Sorry I mean 8 New Threads, because as you know, one of them got removed !
    I did Edit your post (one of your current new threads) and supply all the important information for you, but you have edited my reply to you, all out :(
    So that's whats prompted me to reply. ie You can't Edit my posts :D
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