How can I reset home folder permissions in Yosemite?

By rodion15
Apr 19, 2016
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  1. I clicked the Reset button in the resetpassword window (from the recovery partition): but it seems to do nothing!. permissions I changed (for testing) remain the same!.

    Well, I have a mac mini 2014 with Yosemite. I changed the permissions in my documents folder and applied to enclosed items so that another admin had read/write access to all items inside. I did this just for testing to see how the reset home folder permissions worked.
    Then I went to the recovery partition, opened the resetpassword in terminal and clicked the reset button for my admin user.
    then I restarted and expected to see my documents folder and inner items reset to the default permissions: it wasn't, the other admin was still allowed to read/write all items. Shouldn't they have been reset to read/write only for me? Also: when you click the Reset button, it greys out as "done" instantly, should I wait for it to finish something? I just restarted immediately.
    I tested this in another mac mini with Yosemite as well, same result: no change to "default permissions"
    So may be my idea of what this Reset bit does is wrong??
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