How do i get my laptop on the internet

By darthmaligant
Feb 19, 2008
  1. hello world i bought a linsys wireless router and i can not go on line . i do have dsl on my desktop computer and ca ngo on line fine but i can't with my laptop can anyone tell me how i ca nget my laptop that has wireless capability to be able to go online
  2. brianinlfc

    brianinlfc TS Rookie Posts: 22

    umm.. usually you the instructions come along with it. you just have to connect the few cables here and there. For instance plugging in the internet cable in the router and then link it to your desktop with a ethernet cable. Then restart the DSL modem and the router to make sure the connection is working.
    Then one you know your internet is working on your desktop computer.
    open up an internet explorer then type "" your router page should come up. If they ask for a username and password...the username is empty and the password is "admin". I think that should work for linksys router. It worked for me cos that's what the tech support guy told me to do when I called up linksys.
    Then you should see an option about wirelss settings. Enable it and your wirless should be online. The next problem would be aquiring the signal from your laptop.
    just right click on your wirless network icon and "view all wirless network" and your network name should appear, depending on what you named the network.
    Good Luck.
    If it doesnt could always call up linksys tech support. :)
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