How do I Send & Receive Fax using my PC ?

By robertq
Feb 25, 2008
  1. Hi,

    I have to send a document with my signature to somebody.

    He asked me to fax it but I do not have a fax machine or a printer.

    I have never used a computer as a fax machine nor do I have any fax software.

    I have Win XP SP2 as an OS.

    Could somebody kindly give me a step by step instructions on “ How To Use my Computer as a Fax Machine ? “


    How do I send a document with my signature using my PC ?

    Also Which software do I need ?

    Thank You In Advance.
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  3. jobeard

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    There are several means to sending Fax Documents from your computer, but
    the biggest problem is
    1. getting their document into your computer for faxing OR
    2. your Signature on a document you create

    in either case, you need a scanner to capture the document before you can address HOW TO Fax.

    If there's time pressure to get this done, just print a copy, sign it, and take it to a
    store like Fedex or Kinko's (domestic U.S.)
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