How do you put in a picture?

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Mar 21, 2008
  1. Thanks.

    Could someone tell me how to put in a picture in. Like a picture in this thread of a flower, from off the web or something? Copy and pasting doesnt seem to work.ty
  2. kimsland

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    Not entirely sure what you mean, but I think you're asking how I did the above?

    I found the link
    I then copied this link (ie just highlighted it, then right clicked and copied it)
    I then Replied to you
    I then clicked on the little icon [​IMG] and pasted the link
    (Note whilst still writing the reply to you, I cannot see my pics I've inserted.
    All I see are [IMG... lines, and also just the actual link www. ...

    Is that what you meant?
  3. Maceasar

    Maceasar TS Rookie

    watch this video for the first 32 seconds

    Now come back to here

    Click on 'image' (the yellow square above)

    Paste in the url of the photo (which you got from the video)

    Click 'ok' and post message
  4. pyari

    pyari TS Rookie Posts: 66

    If u try to post ur desktop on the forum, if then use PrintscreeSysRq key and paste the copy on paintbrush and save it in jpg files then after upload it free upload site like photobuket....and follow kimsland 's step. its easy pal
  5. Maceasar

    Maceasar TS Rookie

    They just want to post a photo

    You cant just copy and paste. You need to send your photo to the internet and get an address (url) for the photo. You upload your photo and then you can post in messages / avatars etc
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