How to change the Wifi password of an ADSL modem without a computer


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Hello all,

I use an ADSL modem for accessing Internet in my home. I think my wifi password is stolen. I wanna change it but I have a computer only in my office and use the Internet in my home by my iPhone. Is there a way to change that password with my iPhone or should I surely use a computer to do that work, please?
Hello abbasi ,
You can use your iPhone to log in the router and change the wireless settings, however this isn't usually recommended. If something goes wrong when configuring the wireless settings and you are not able to connect to the router you'll need a device that can be connected via Ethernet cable to restore the access.
If this router is supplied by your ISP you can ask them if they have remote access to it to change the password.
Hope that helps.
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Hi Techpumpkin_WD,
I connected my iPhone to the router via wifi and using the browser I went into its configuration. Changed the password successfully.
Thank you very much.

Can you recommend me some sources to me to be familiar?