How to claim warranty

By tkmsr
Feb 19, 2008
  1. I contacted Asus support for warranty claims for a friend as his motherboard was faulty and was within the warranty period. But there was no response might be the email on which I contacted was wrong in a similar case Intel had given a very prompt response can some one tell me where can I get the contact info as the email given on their website was non responsive.
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    Not sure how long you have waited but you might want to give them 48-72 hours before contacting them again.

    Contact information posted on the Asus site for "Repairs":

  3. tkmsr

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    The case I referred to was from India so some contact email where I can contact here,
    I raised this thread because when I went to the shopkeeper it was very very difficult for me to make him understand the BSOD ,STOP screen error which after reading memory dump I came at a conclusion was a motherboard error and the service personal in India at Priya were not convinced even though I had changed motherboard so I wanted to know the procedure.
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    From what I understand, if you purchase an item from a third party they sometimes cover the product for 30 days. Should the item be DOA, they'll usually ask you to return the defective item and they'll replace it with a new one.

    If it's been longer than 30 days (or whatever the sellers policy is), you normally just contact the manufacturer while the product is under warranty and explain the situation to them (usually) resulting in them being more than happy to take your product in for analysis/repair or replacement. The only time you will run into a problem is when the damage is obviously due to your own error/negligence (slipping while installing a screw on the motherboard and gouging it for instance). Even then, more often than not they'll at least take it in for analysis to determine whether or not they feel you are responsible.

    All of that is obviously going to vary as warranties and policies aren't universal, but that's a solid run down on how things usually work.

    Good luck with everything...
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