How to disable onboard/integrated display adapter

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May 28, 2009
  1. how do i disable my onboard display adapter? i have a g33 express family chispet/ gateway dx4710-ub301A. tried checking my bios.. but cant find it there. i already put in my new pci-e video card. 9800 GT 512 ddr3. and even added 500 watt power supply. but still my new vdeo card doesnt work. Please help me! thankx!!!
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    Does this video card require a separate power connection, 'cause that'll do it.

    If you have a standard "Phoenix or Award" BIOS, the VGA settings are under "Advanced BIOS Features"

    You actually don't have to disable the onboard graphics to run a video card, but you do have to enable the external VGA. Some BIOS can be set to "auto" which shuts down the onboard graphics when an external card is detected.

    Most people do shut down the onboard graphics, but they can be run together. The graphics driver for the video card will be the only one controlling the system.
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    i looked under the advance BIOS feature but there's nothing there to disable my vga or enable my pci-e. or can i upgrade my BIOS? so that i can have that option?
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    this is the only options i got under advance bios hd audio controller, onboard lan controller, onboard IEEE1394 control, onboard lan and usb legacy support. and my bios is phoenix.
  5. tralif07

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    both video running

    yup, i installed my pci-e and plugged my monitor on that card but then it says no signal and manual said try disabling onboard display adapter.
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    OEM motherboards generally pretty "locked down" and don't allow much "fussing" with the BIOS. Still, it does seem that you should be able to enable an add in video card.

    You can download the manual at Gateway, that might give you more info.

    However, don't expect the versatility of an aftermarket motherboard.

    Gateway is offering me nothing at their website without entering a serial number.
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    thank you

    thank you for your time.... anyway, tried installing the driver for 9800gt.. but the funny part is... im runnung a vista 64-bit os version for the driver because thats what i have but then its says i'm running a 32-bit uninstaller on a 64-bit os. but i'm running a 64-bit not 32-bit. any idea why it does that or is there anyway i can install the driver?

    tried detecting new hardware but it can't find it.
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    There is a possibility that "PnP" is "disabled" "PnP" stands for "plug and play" and it's the way that new hardware is detected by the BIOS.

    Disabling PnP would be a way for an IT tech to prevent a user from tampering with hardware.

    You might look around in BIOS for this setting.

    Other than that you need to get on Gateway's site, and download the manual to your machine
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