How to fix Videos playing in Black and White

By sledgus
Jun 30, 2008
  1. Hey everyone, I recently had a problem where all my videos (mpeg, avi etc etc) including my TV tuner was playing videos in black and white. I also noticed that some people on techspot were having the same problems. There is no real reason why this happens, it is just a common thing after a fresh install of an operating system and fresh install of Drivers for your video card. If you have a nvidia graphics card, here is what you need to do:

    - Open the Nvidia Control panel (it is a software package that you should automatically have on your machine if you have the forceware drivers). Sometimes it will be in the startup and you'll see a nvidia icon in your task bar. It may also be under the name 'nView'

    - You should see an option or a tab titles 'Television and Video settings'. Click on it

    - In there, you should see a bunch of controls and sliders for adjusting colour balances

    - You should see a "Saturation" slider. This is what adjusts the colour of your videos. Slide the bar up to about half way (or just equal with all the other controls) and the colour in your videos will be back.

    Hope this helps a few people :)
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