How to get deleted photos back from camera memory card?

By Cliff679
Mar 12, 2014
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  1. Yesterday, I was viewing some camera photos after attaching the inner memory card on my computer. However, as trying to delete some useless files on another plunged hard drive, I just mistakenly deleted the card photo folders. The card photos were all gone. I have checked the Recycle Bin. But, there was nothing stored. So, I am wondering whether it is possible to rescue all my camera photos back. Do you have any idea? Help me, please!
  2. jobeard

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    These cards are all FAT32 (some are VFAT32), so a delete w/o a reformat says everything should still be there on the free-block chain. Any good recovery program should be able to grab them for you.
  3. Borg6121

    Borg6121 TS Rookie

    OK! You often cannot restore your deleted card data back from the Recycle Bin. But, that’s not to say, you cannot get back your lost data back from your original memory card.

    So, here are some steps that may help you out:

    1). Insert this camera card on your computer.

    2). Try to restore all your deleted photos back with some card data recovery tools.

    There are many similar data recovery tools that are developed to rescue different data back from memory card. You should carefully select one for your card.

    3). Save all restored data on another place, not the same card, in case of data recovery failure.

    Note: Never save new data on this card in case of data loss.

    Always back up all important data on separate places in case of any data loss in the future.

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