How to get this to DVD?

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Aug 20, 2008
  1. ok, I got a movie file off the web, it was the .rar with all the broken up peices .r00-.r84.

    I used winzip and winrar and both convert it to a .iso. poweriso opens it up and extracts it back to .rar.

    also I tried using poweriso to burn and it never got past the initial check, so I mounted it to the virtual drive, copied it to the dvd drive using windows explorer and burnt it and the PS3 showed the disc but said data disc, and then when you try and access it it says no titles. and it filled the entire disc. so I tried with expressburn and it acted like it did it fine, but the disc looked only 1/3rd full and still no luck in the dvd player. I dont know what file I need to end up with to make a playable DVD.

    is it just I dont have the right software?

    I have winrar, winzip, xilosoft dvd creator, poweriso, isoburn, expressburn, and converters to get almost any video format to another type.

    obviously this iso was made from a dvd, then converted to a .rar for easy transfer, then when I go back to iso, then burn it, shouldnt the iso burning program extract it to the original dvd status as it burns?
  2. maddmatt02

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    ok, well I was able to use winzip and extract the iso to this. 2 folders, 1-AUDIO_TS 2- VIDEO_TS

    and the audio was empty, and the video had these. VIDEO_TS.BUP VIDEO_TSIFO VIDEO_TSVOB VTS_01_0.BUP VTS_01_0.IFO VTS_01_0.VOB VTS_01_1.VOB VTS_01_2.VOB VTS_01_3.VOB VTS_01_4.VOB

    I tried to select those and burn with poweriso and it didnt work, so I copied the files from that folder and burnt them using windows.

    anyways it doesnt work on a standard dvd player and the ps3 it shows up as 6 seperate MPEG-2 files, VIDEO_TS (0:00) just loads to a screen with with 9 thick vertical stripes that have shadows on the left side, arent uniform in size though, looks lie vertical blinds in frotn of a sliding glass door kind of. instant it starts up it pauses there and stays until i leave the video.

    then the 5 VTS_01_0 through VTS_01_4.

    times are 0:40 28:26 14:11 14:11 and 12:30.

    first one is the menu for the dvd, full sound, but I cant navigate it and choose the options, the left and right buttons just FF or RW through it. right before it repeats itself though, it does flash for just a second what looks like the beginning of the chapter selection menu, repeats itself, then pauses.

    second 01_1.. is a commentary or something, movie plays from the beginning, and you can lightly hear the SFX, actors voices, etc.. but at full volume is one actor and the producer I guess, there voice talking about the movie and are in sync with the video about what specific part they are talking about. and it ends right in the middle of a commentators sentence.

    3rd 01_2... picked up right where the commentary left off, except no sound whatso ever.

    4th 01_3... picked up again

    5th 01_4... picked up again

    am I anywhere near the right track? not sure how to make the menu work? sound play? disc load in standard dvd players? even if I couldnt get the menus/chapters working but I just get one large file to play I would be fine.

    I already have a 700mb avi of this movie but I have a 50" TV and I knew it could look better and these new ones do, but the other one plays as one, with sound...
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    The best way is to not mess around converting it a bunch of times. The iso is a disk image, so you just need to burn that. Maybe PowerISO just isn't good at that. If you don't have anything else that is actually meant to burn iso files then I'd suggest getting CDBurnerXP Pro, its free, and will burn an iso image for you.
  4. maddmatt02

    maddmatt02 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 88

    so if I just unzip the .rar to the iso and burn that to disc, should work?

    I have iso burn and express burn. iso burn though would always say " isnt a valid floating point or something when Id choose a manual burn speed setting, if I put it to max then it would get farther but still fail. and express burn i cant remember what happened.
  5. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +422

    Yes, it should work.

    I've not used of either of those programs so I don't know if you have a bad iso or whether the programs you are using just aren't any good.
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