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How to install 2nd Operating System

By kumaran ยท 6 replies
Feb 19, 2006
  1. I have bought a Dell desktop (dimension 9150 with Windows XP home edition) and I want to install Windows 2000 server as second operating syatem. I used partition magic to partition my hard disk. I got to know from the dell website that it is easy to use DOSA cd to install the second operating system.But I didn't get that cd with my computer. I don't have a floppy drive on my computer also. Can anybody let me know the way to install the windows 2000 server? If I should download any softwares, please let me know the exact links for them.
  2. wlknaack

    wlknaack TS Rookie Posts: 143

    If you want to establish a dual-boot setup, and since you have Partition Magic, why don't you install the BootMagic utility from the Partition Magic CD in the small FAT partition at the beginning of your HDD, and follow the BootMagic instructions for installing and controlling multiple operating systems.

    If you want XP boot loader (manager) to control the dual boot process, you can go to the following link to see how to accomplish this when installing 2000 after XP:


  3. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Just boot the Windows 2000 CD and install. You are asked which partition to use - select the one you set aside for 2k Server.
  4. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    I'd think you already have an active partition - the one containing the XP bootloader. No need to change that.
  5. kumaran

    kumaran TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for your reply. My hard disk has 3 primary partitions; a very small partition(FAT) on the beginning of the hard disk, and the ntfs partition for xp and the extended partition with 3 logical partitions, and another fat32 partition for recovery purposes. I couldn't make any other primary partitions using partition magic. My question is; Should I make any partition active to install windows 2000 server, or can I install it in a logical partition straight away?
  6. ru_ready

    ru_ready TS Rookie Posts: 22


    i have never used partition magic etc, so i am not 100% sure if this (added note is needed) one thing thou, you may want to install win2000 S first, then XP on the other partition, in dual boot multi booting drives are being formatted it has been normal to go from the oldest OS to the newest, and then changing the assigned drives to install to. older OS'es can't fully recognize new os'es in multi boot sections and this lessens the chances for installation errors.

    (as i said) never used partition magic so i am not sure if this problem is corrected.

    would it be easier to just slave in a different drive and install server 2000 to that?

  7. kumaran

    kumaran TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried to boot using windows 2000 cd, but when the system try to format the partition, it ask for some drivers to continue. I haven't floppy drives, so can't I install windows 2000 without installing the drivers.

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