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Sep 27, 2003
  1. I have an older used toshiba laptop that was purchased second hand. It works fine and is great for the little things I use it for. It did not have a modem in it so I bought an external 56k for when I need it. My new job has given me a desk with a dsl hookup only problem the toshiba has no dsl jack only the telephone jack in the back. To top things off the floppy disk drive is dead. I would like to replace the 56k with a dsl and replace the floppy maybe even add a cd burner instead of just a player. I have done this easily with my desktop but can't seem to even get the cover open on my laptop. I don't want to break it open. any ideas or should I just leave it alone?
  2. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993 is always wise to check the manual before you open up your laptop. The manual will tell you the appropriate way to do it.

    What's the specification of your laptop? This might help us to sort out your problem easier.
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    You CANNOT replace your modem with a network card inside your laptop.

    Your 56k is integrated into the system board, and unless you feel comfortable soldering components, then I wouldn't bother. ;)

    If you would like to add LAN capabilities, buy a PCMCIA card. Otherwise known as a PC card or "credit card", they slide into the side of your laptop. Almost every laptop has two of these expansion bays.

    To replace the floppy, you need not take apart your laptop. There should be a latch on the bottom or the side that holds the drive in place. Laptops are designed with swappable bays, meaning you can add a DVD ROM or a DVD/CDRW for example... If your manufacturer makes them for that particular model.
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    The laptop is a toshiba 1730 and it did not come with a modem installed so I have been using an external one. I bought it cheap and used so there was no owners manual. changing things in my desktop has been pretty easy so I though it might be easy on my laptop as well. I will check out the pcmcia card and see if that will help to do what I want. Thanks
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