How to retrieve license keys

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Aug 22, 2007
  1. Hey guys. As part of my job I have been given the task of software inventory. I need to retrieve software keys on all of our PC's and add them to our database. Does anyone know of a software I can use to retrieve keys? Or is this a shady task because of all the piracy going on?
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    He's right. Belarc Advisor is your best bet. Good luck......
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    another one is SIW, under the "Secrets" menu
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    Very interesting N3051M. I just did this on my computer and it only shows me my autocomplete username/passwords and windows messenger username/passwords.

    I don't see anything about software and serials.

    By the way, I love that program. Can come in very handy at times.
  6. kwspony

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    I picked up BelArc yesterday. It seems to do well, I also have had SIW and like it. I will be using both to do my inventory. Thanks guys!
  7. N3051M

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    Ooo.. interesting.. i was meant to say look under "licences" but i guess you'd probably figured that out by now..
  8. iss

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    Belarc works fine, but one of the better Keyfinders available now is JSKeyfinder. it will find the keys for 170 different programs and is adding more as the program is updated.
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