HP G61 Laptop Extremely Slow, Can't Get Into Windows

By jephph
Jun 24, 2012
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  1. I've got an HP G61-429wm Laptop here. It's running really slowly, and won't boot into Windows, or even a Windows disc. On bootup, it will show the underscore for ~15 seconds, then it will start to load Windows (I believe it's Windows Vista). Once it's done with the loading screen, the screen will go black, for hours.
    The computer was running very hot, in the upper right section especially. I opened it up, and cleaned out the fan, and it's running cooler now, but it still runs really slow and won't boot into Windows.
    When I try to boot to a Windows disc (I've tried Vista 32 and 64, as well as Windows 7), it will get to the load screen, go black for a few minutes, then show the default background, with a cursor, and I can move the cursor around, but there is nothing to click, and no combination of buttons does anything either (Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Windows+R, Esc, Enter, etc) Right click also does nothing.
    Other things I've tried:
    UBCD- got in and ran clamscan (I could only scan the boot sector of the main drive, the partition wouldn't show up in a normal scan.
    Also tried AVG Recovery CD- came up clean (not sure if it actually scanned the Windows partition though)
    Tried removing memory sticks one at a time (there are two total, I tried many combinations)
    I tried to get into UBCD4Win, but it would pop up a Blue Screen every time (0x7B), I looked that up, and it seems fairly common, but none of the fixes seemed to work for me.
    Also, went into BIOS and set everything to default.
    Can't get into Safe Mode or Last Known Good (same result, black screen, forever)
    None of these things had any effect.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Seems like a hard drive problem... Try a factory restore and see if it helps and get rid of AVG and go with Microsoft Security Essentials

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