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By Sarmad
Apr 6, 2016
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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking to buy a colour laser printer for home use, to replace my old HP black-and-white laser that's on its last legs. Looking for something that's at least 1200 DPI because that's the resolution of my current printer and since most of my printing will be of black text, a more common and cheaper 600 DPI printer will be a step-back for me. The ability to print both sides is preferable. Anyway, the one that so far caught my eye is the HP M552DN: www.ebuyer.com/704791-hp-color-laserjet-enterprise-m552dn-printer-b5l23a-b19 selling for £361.98 from E-Buyer. However I cannot find any reviews of this printer anywhere. Does anyone know if this is a good printer to go for, or if you know of any links to reviews I can read, or if there are any other printers I should be considering?

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  2. Leeky

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    That's way overkill for home usage, but if you're happy to spend that much and are insistent on 1200dpi resolution, it shouldn't be an issue. All the important things like having a network connection are there. It's an ideal office workforce shared network printer.

    At that pricepoint, most HP printers are going to fine, reviews or not. Just make sure you're happy with the supply costs, e.g. toners mainly as they can be very expensive. It has a monthly duty cycle of 80,000 pages so it should last you for many years.

    You could also consider this, it offers the same 1200dpi printing (looks like it might be a newer version of the same) for £50 less: http://www.ebuyer.com/704792-hp-color-laserjet-enterprise-m553n-printer-b5l24a-b19/
  3. Sarmad

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    Thanks Leeky.

    It looks like a typing error on Ebuyer, the M553n does not have automatic duplex printing hence the "d" missing in the model name. There is also a M553dn, which does have this feature.

    I know, the M552dn I'm looking is overkill for home use, as the extra I'm paying for higher print speed and durability isn't required at home. But this is the cheapest HP does for a colour, 1200 dpi, automatic duplex, network printer. If there are cheaper printers by other reputable manufacturers that fulfill my requirements then I'm happy to look at those too. I'm not too happy about the high cost of toners for the HP M552dn, they cost twice the amount as other toner cartridges yet still cheaper in the long run because I'm getting about 4 times as much, but it's still a big cost to pay in one go.

    Another question I have, regarding what to look for when choosing a printer, how much printer RAM do I need to print a full page of A4 at 1200 dpi without banding?

  4. Leeky

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    I can't really answer the RAM question. But bear in mind these are medium-duty small office network printers and as such, should include more than enough RAM to print perfectly at 1200dpi anything you send to it.

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