Hp Pavillion ZE4400 Laptop won't POST

By Threehollows
Jun 3, 2006
  1. So I've been having this problem with this laptop for about a day now. I bought it from a sale and it had no HD. So i Ordered the Hd, caddy, and hard drive connector bar. I connected it all up and I was getting a PX-E61 error saying that my hd wasn't connected (nor showing up in bios). So i tried pulling the whle thing apart and reconnecting and came to found that the laptop went to reboot and no all the lights come on and stay on and it shuts down after a few secs w/ no pic on the screen at all. I've tried pulling everything off, but it still won't boot. Is my mobo fried ??? Please help.


  2. wolfram

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    Try reseting the BIOS, you can do that removing the battery for 5 minutes and try to install the HDD again. I had to do that when I installed a new hard drive.

    Good luck!!
  3. Tedster

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