HP Pavillion zt 3000 "major boot problem"

By CM_Lanman
Sep 3, 2005
  1. I am having problems with a recently perchased HP Notebook. It is a

    HP Pavillion ZT3000
    1.4Ghz Pentium M
    512Mb ram ( I upped the ram a week ago)
    80Gb HD

    I have been using this note with out insident for a month now. I shut it down on tuesday night and put it away. On friday night I set it up but it won't complete the boot cycle.

    It will kick on the fan and the screen will glow ( you now that look of being on with a black screen, there are no colors or icon at all) The HD will spin up and chatter as normal for about 20-30 seconds, but then the screen powers down the HD stops spinning. The computer just sits there power light on fan buzzing but no more noise no progress.

    I tried re-seating my ram chips and my HD no change.I am at a loss for what it could be I have had no problems to speak of since buying this unit.

    What could it be. More important what can I do to fix this.

    Please help.

  2. psychicbud

    psychicbud TS Rookie


    Did you ever resolve the issue? My daughter recently received the same model from a relative, (HP Pavillion zt3000), and the same thing happened to her. It appears the battery is charged and the computer is operational, but the screen is dark. I can lighten or darken the screen, but that is it.

    Thanks, Psychicbud
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