HP Photosmart 1000 Driver Needed

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Dec 2, 2004
  1. I need the Hewlett Packard Photosmart 1000 Driver for Windows XP... I tried searching for it, and i tried downloading it from the TechSpot website,(i can't show you the link because of your forum rules) but it didnt work, i clicked the link it gave if the download doesn't start automatically, and tried the FTP link, but neither of those worked either....

    I can't find any other sites with a working link to download, help me please.
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  3. Julio Franco

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    I typed in HP Photosmart 1000 Windows XP Driver

    Found pages with links that were dead, and files not found and stuff like that...

    Thanks =)

    Hmm.. i tried your new link for XP, and all i get is "The Document Contains No Data
  5. Julio Franco

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    Just checked, download pages work fine here.
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    Go to the Hp website, select the driver downloads and in the next window type in the product that you are looking for (photosmart 1000) and then follow the links to the download, it's 10.48meg.
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