HP61 no start problem fixed

By xfixer
Mar 13, 2012
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  1. Hp61 no start problem fixed
    I was directed to this forum via a search for help regarding a start up problem. whereas I did get some insight into the varied problems that could cause this No Start condition there were no definitive answers. Here is what worked for me. I began by removing the battery and left it out throughout the different steps
    I removed the ram and checked each module individually as someone suggested in the forums attempting to start the system after each try nothing. Then with the power cord removed I unplugged the bios battery checked it for voltage checked okay and then reinstalled it. I failed to try to start the unit after reinstalling it instead I removed and inspected the hard drive for what I have no idea but I figured if I was playing around with everything else why not give the hard drive a little fingering also !! After replacing the hard drive and plugging in the power cord the system immediately started up without pushing the startup button from no start to self starting. I was asked the following question during startup "do I want to reinstall the bios" ? answered yes so far so good all is working fine I hope this helps someone else. If I had to place my money on any one thing that corrected the problem I would bet it was removing the bios battery and separating it from the motherboard at the pos / neg connector.
  2. Tmagic650

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    This is a laptop? Most here wouldn't be able to go this far, but us "Super Techs" do this all the time :)
  3. xfixer

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    The bios battery !!!!1

    This not a biggie !!!

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