I am connected to a wifi signal, but I get "page can not be displayed"

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I have a HP laptop with D-links router. The wifi signal was working for a few months and all of a sudden it stopped working. I have tried to reinstall the router and checked everything i could think of but it still isn't working???? I have windows xp and i checked to make sure all my wireless setup was right but still not able to get internet unless i plug straight into the modem. Please offer any advice you can think of. My ex-boyfriend was good with computers, but he isn;'t around and i don't know what to do. Thanks!


Have you tried reseting your router? If not,

1. Disconnect the router from the modem (not always necessary, but sometimes it is).

2. Find the reset button on your router (you will probably need a paper clip).

3. Hold it for 15-30 seconds, then release and let it set for a minute or less (probably when the power light stops blinking).

4. Do the same for you modem.

5. Once all of "internet," "dsl," light, or both, are on and not flickering, connect the router back to the modem.

Give it a minute or two. Once your hardware components make friends again you may or may not have to run through a basic setup for you router (it depends on the model, don't worry, most new routers are very easy to setup). If it doesn't good for you. Either way, your net should be working. Hopefully, if not, keep posting! :)

That should fix your wired part anyway, as for wireless you may or may not have to reconfigure something. If it still isn't working, post what model/version your router is.


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first of all, verify that your network setup is still correct

if you can use NSLOOKUP WWW.GOOGLE.COM and find its ip address,
then your tcp config is correct and the issue is in your browser or DNS.

Use the command prompt to flush the dns cache like this:
ipconfig /flushdns
net stop "DNS Client"
net start "DNS Client"​

quit your browser and restart it; does this work? http://www.google.com/
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