I am denied access to my "c" drive

By llduffey
Mar 10, 2005
  1. Hi everyone, I am new to this site and don't know a great deal about computers. I am searching for help with a problem. I have two computers networked in my home through a linksys wireless router and a cable modem. I was on the internet on my main computer and was shut down for some reason. I was able to reboot but started receiving error messages about a disk problem. I tried to run my Norton disk doctor but discovered that I suddenly do not have access to my C drive. The Norton message advised that I check my computers secuity settings. I was ony able to do that in safe boot because that is the only way I can access or change any settings on my C drive. While I am in safe boot I am shown as administrator on everything I can find but when I reboot into normal mode, I am again denied access to the C drive. I am able to access the internet and my email but cannot open any attachments. I feel (but could easily be wrong) the problem is in my network settings. Can anyone give any advise. I am operating on Windows XP Home edition. Thanks.
  2. fishhookz

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    When networking local computers, security is of ulmost importance. I gave up on it long ago in favor of transferring files via DVD-RAM (4.7gb drag-n-drop) disks. And I still secure both computers and do regular maintenance.

    Boot to safe mode, Start > Control... > User... > see if your admin is under computer admin. Delete other unknown accounts.

    Open my computer, right-click C drive > properties > is it NTFS or FAT32? If it's NTFS, there's a security tab, and there's a sharing tab > in security tab, make sure you have all permissions checked for yourself.

    Also, XP has a very good wizard that walks you through file sharing setup. It's in Network Connections.
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    I've encountered similar problems in the past. In addition to yourself listed in the security settings, in XP you also need the following groups added:


    that should do the trick.
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