I am new member and some questions.

By HiJackThis1.99
Apr 17, 2006
  1. Hello, I decided to join today.

    Let me first say a funny story. About a week ago I infected my computer with a virus. It was a downloader virus after a few minutes my computer was installed with a lot of malware :(. So I spend like 12 hours in several days trying to get rid of this virus. I used Spybot, Norton, Spyware Doctor, Registry Mechanic, XoftSe. Finally I used Panada Active Scan and it showed me that nasty file. It was winpdc32.dll (I have seen it mentioned in the forums before) it is a dailer and it was a downloader virus. Because whenever I connected to internet I get blasted with malware. I was afraid because I cannot delete the file not even in safe mode. I realized it loads together with the computer and is in constant use. Thus, it cannot be deleted. I was about to surrender and do a system restore. But then I decided to play around with this file. I renamed it to a .txt file and tried to edit it so that it would not work. Nothing happend so I renamed it back to a .dll file and wanted to use HiJackThis which I seen mentioned on this forum. Today I turn on my computer and go on the internet. Spyware Doctor does not give me the messages "Spyware Doctor tried to block Win12E.tmp..." like it usually does (those are the downloaded malware from winpdc32.dll). I am thinking what is going on?? Turn on HiJackThis for the first time to see if it is a dll in any Running Task and guess what, NO! I am so confused. I say to myself that means I can delete the file because it is not in use. I click delete and do not get the message "Acces-Denied Check the file is not in use..." it worked!!! I am so confused. I go to the recycler bin and after a few minutes realize the file in the bin is windpc32.dll. Now I know what happened, yesterday when I turned winpdc32.dll into a txt file and back I accidentally named it windpc32.dll and because of this is did not load into the machine on start up and this nastry virus is gone :) I did not even have to use HiJackThis!

    I am bringing this as a solution to dll problems. If you have a dll that is bad and you want to remove it rename it and restart the machine (eventhough you cannot delete it you can rename it). Then delete it.
    My question is how can I make the background on desktop unchangable? For example like 7 months ago when I infected myself with SpySheriff( now gone :)) the background would not change. Any ideas?
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    The easy way is to unregister the .dll file in safe mode.

    Click start/run and type regsvr32 /u C:\Program Files\Viewpoint\Viewpoint Toolbar V35\ViewBarBHO.dll or whatever the full path is to the .dll file, then press the enter key. You should then be able to delete the .dll file.

    These instructions HERE seem to help a great many people.

    The best way to stop your desktop from being changed is not to get infected in the first place lol.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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