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I hate Laptop

By n00b ยท 5 replies
Aug 10, 2006
  1. I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop I bought it for about $1300 when they were new i got it as a portable LAN party machine boy am I sorry I did.

    Well now i did a reformat awhile ago because I had alot of crap on it i wanted gone so i did that now when I turn it off and it comes up to the do the Chkdsk it has about 9 different files that are unreadble and when i go to open a game it says the file location is corrupted and cannot be opened.

    So i'm going to try and defrag and see if that fixes it if it doesn't i guess i'm going to have to buy a new hard drive which i don't really wanna do.

    My question is anyone know if i can just pick any random 5400 rpm ATA hard drive or do i have to pick a dell proprietary one cuz i know they have the lock on alot of crap but i found a site that has them for like 70 bucks any help would be good ty.
  2. dazzer9535

    dazzer9535 Banned Posts: 117

    How do you mean re-format do you mean factory restore? Ctrl + F11 ? or did you use a sytem disk and put the PC back to factory state, dod you get rid off the restore partition, also add/remove and some good house keeping wpuold of done what you wanted to do without a format.
  3. n00b

    n00b TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    I mean i put my windows XP pro disk in restarted hit F12 and deleted the partition then created a Partition with NTFS quick cuz i don't like to wait for normal then installed a fresh copy of windows back on to my laptop i do this periodically about every 6-7 months just to clean the spyware crap and other junk i pickup but i have all the important stuff saved on my home PC only thing that goes on here is a game or 2 and maybe Mozilla and restoring factory defaults did not help any simple fixes i've gone over and when i reformatted it wasn't because of this problem it happened after the reformat about 3 weeks later to be precise but this thing is a POS anyway i hate Dell and anything they make.

    Just want it cuz moving my home PC around would be a pain so anyway i can get out of this cheap would be better cuz i don't want to spend money on this if i don't have to.
  4. dazzer9535

    dazzer9535 Banned Posts: 117

    So you got rid of a partition was this the restore partition aswell?

    Quick format is rubbish full NTFS format is better mind you I use UBCD utillities for a proper format.

    Ok what make and model of disk is in the Dell as you can get manufacturer utillities to do a proper format, just like UBCD.

    I would never use quick format again as it really doesnt cut the mustard and I would have a look at what security programs you have running on your PC if you are always cleaning the PC of spyware every 6-7 months.

  5. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Now if you had just asked me, I would have told you to not buy this consumer-class POS laptop :p

    You can use any 2.5" form factor ATA hard drive. And yes, I would bet that your current hard drive is going bad.

    Whether to use quick or full format, depends on what your intentions are. If you just want to get a clean filesystem, then a quick format is the way to go. If you want to be sure that there are no bad sectors on your drive, feel free to do the full format.
  6. n00b

    n00b TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    LOL if i had asked any computer enthuiasist it seems i would have been steer'd away from Dell but hey I just got into computers when i bought it so what can ya do i build my own now so ya live and ya learn and yea i'm up to about 19 unreadable files on the chkdsk now lol takes about 20 mins for it to finish
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