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i have a quirk with mandrake 10.0 community

By BrownPaper
Mar 13, 2004
  1. when i try to boot from the lilo boot loader, choosing "linuxsmp" or "linux" will get my computer to freeze at "bringing up interface eth0." my floppydrive light turns on when it gets around the eth0 service.

    the strange thing is that i can boot properly when i choose "linux-nonfb." this choice just boots linux without a framebuffer but i don't understand what exactly is causing the problem with "linuxsmp" or "linux". if someone can enlighten me, it would be much appreciated.

    btw i am running with a DFI LanParty 875B, AIW 9800Pro, and Audigy2. the rest of my specs is in my profile if necessary.

    thank you.
  2. MattG

    MattG TS Rookie Posts: 140

    I had a problem with Mandrake 9.1 with Framebuffers actually, the system would boot, but i couldnt load Xwindows..which is what FrameBuffer does...
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