I need a good cd burning technque.

By Rolfman
Mar 3, 2008
  1. I have a parker dvd player with karaoke features it came with 2 mic´s and the standard cable sets. R Y W.

    heres the deal , i have a bunch of karaoke music files piled on my computer , i am able to play this files using the vam-basco´s karaoke player software.

    I am able to see the letters and i am also able to hear the music on my pc.

    Mi question is how can i create a cd that allows me to do this on my tv through my special karaoke dvd player?

    Here´s what i had done already...

    I burned the .KAR files as regular data CD.
    i burned the files as regular music files.
    i burned as regular data and audio files.
    i converted the files into WAV files.

    All of these steps where tested on the DVD and none of them worked.

    P.S : The software that i am using is nero burning rom version 7.

    By the way im tryng to use this DVD player on my new Karaoke BAR
    So that all the DJ needs to do is simply change the CD file.

    Any suggestions given will be very appreciated.

    thanks in advance.
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