i need help on a old computer-98

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Nov 25, 2004
  1. hi, I have an old windows 98 that i moved to another room anyway the boot process doesn't work it wants me to put in a boot disk and i dont have one. anyway I think when I moved the computer i might have damaged the hard drive. it was old anyway only 4gb. but do you think that if I got a new hard drive and o/s i would work again thanks for you guys time.
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    What exactly is the problem ? Does the autoexec.bat get launched at all ? & please detail its system specs in your profile, it might help further down the road.
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    ok thanks

    I dont know what the autobat.exe is but once I turn on the computer it says emachines then goes to a black and white page listing all the drivers and devices eg. pci devices main processor and so on.
    as for the system specs it is a windows 98se and it has a celeron 366 mhz processer,162mb memory, ethernet, cd-rw. nothing fancy just something I play around on and also is it possible to use system restore cd's that came with my xp on it if I were to install a new harddrive on my 98se. to make my 98se an xp. thanks for responding and thanks for your time. btw the error is its searching for the boot record. THANKS
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    didn't work

    thanks but none of the boot disks worked I suspect the hard drive is the problem.
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