I need help on what is wrong with my windows xp pc!

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Nov 10, 2005
  1. Hey guys I was on my pc and i turned it off ,but now when i turned it on all i get is No siganl on my monitor and the pc keeps beeping the whole time like 3 seconds between each beep. Can you tell me wut is rong????? pleez?
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    If you post in the right forum you will get more help. Also a more descriptive thread title might help. I have moved this to the correct forum for you.

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  3. patio

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    Have you recently installed any new hardware in this machine ? ?
    Something has become unseated.
    Remove all power to the machine take off the side panel and making sure you are properly grounded check all devices to make sure they are properly seated.
    Most common culprits are RAM, vid-cards and HDD/CD connectors.

    Try a clean boot and see if this remedies the condition.

    If not consult your MBoard manual for a list of beep codes.

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    Can you provide a link to the correct Forum please? Or at least the name of the Forum.

    Thank you,
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    ahhhh ... here is where you moved it to :knock:
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