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Jul 5, 2008
  1. Hi All
    I need some driver help I have a webcam Model Name = Micro Innovations = USB\VID_093A&PID_2468\5&B114931&0&1 and windows XP cant find them can someone point me in the right direction please. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks In Advance
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  3. salty

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    Thanks but i dont know whats the correct model number of the webcam...
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    Micro Innovations may have assembled components to sell the webcam as a product but Pixart Imaging is the USB registered vendor for that device. Checking their website then is no surprise to see they manufacture CMOS image sensors.

    Before looking further though, there can be several different strings returned for a USB device. Please tell me how you found the one in your post and did you see Windows state the type of ID it was? (e.g. Hardware ID? Device ID? Compatible ID?) I have a guess to your answers to above questions but need you to confirm.

    btw.. I can't guarantee I'll find anything looking further but can give it a try if you'd answer above questions

    /**** Edit ****/
    And please tell me if your computer is running 32 or 64 bit Windows XP? If you don't know, tell me computer make/model. In fact, tell me make/model in any case
  6. salty

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    I found the info in device manager/ under cif single chip properties / in details Tab, and its says Device Instance Id = USB\VID_093A&PID_2468\5&B114931&0&1
    the webcam will be working on my neighbours Dell destop using xp 32bit and the bottom of webcam has this number CM 10401 Thanks again
  7. LookinAround

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    when you say "will be working" have you ever had this particular web cam working on any computer before (am just curious as add'l info to know about it)
  8. salty

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    yes it worked when i first installed it on the computer from new, but the computer got messed up and she cant find the cd that came with the webcam.
  9. LookinAround

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    This has become a learning experience. I’ll give you an update.

    The CMOS Image sensor from Pixart Imaging is pretty darn popular. It appears as a fairly generic component in many different web cams (including your Micro Innovation, model CM10401). All the different web cam products that use the Pixart sensor return:
    • The same Device ID: USB\VID_093A&PID_2468
    • A unique Device Instance ID: e.g. USB\VID_093A&PID_2468\5&B114931&0&1. The Device Instance ID is a system supplied string to uniquely identify the device within your computer.
    So, the many, many products using the Pixart sensor are all reporting the same Device ID for the sensor. This is why there are so many and confusing hits when Googling the device id. And apparently there are many variations for a driver tho some claim some drivers work for more then just one web cam product.

    I provided some info on some of the web cam products using the sensor. The table is partially filled in for things learned to date. In some cases, I was also able to locate what appeared to be or what someone claimed to be a driver (and driver setup file) for a webcam product and stating it should work for the Pixart sensor. For the drivers listed, I tried looking through the driver setup files to see if they made sense and could posssibly work for you. But you should understand that reading driver setup files is not terribly easy or straightforward. So first answers here are my best guess. I can't warrant whether these drivers will work or not work. Nor can I guarantee they won't possibly screw something else up once they're installed. The best advice is to back everything up before trying and of the new drivers and understand there are some risks (not big risks but still risks)

    Of 3 drivers listed, I think only one has a shot. There are still one or two others maybe worth trying but will be time before I get 'em. Instructions for the best bet are listed below

    Manufacturer..............Model......................Driver File Name
    Asound......................SoC Pc-Camera
    Easy Snap.................Snake Eye WebCam
    Ezonics......................EZvideo Chat Kit.............ezblk_xp2k.exe <== I don't think this will work for you
    ..................................EZCam III....................... ez388xp.exe <== Is best bet driver for the ones listed (see below)
    Micro Innovations........CM10401.................................Driver.zip <== This is your device! And a link to web page. But I dont think the driver they listed is right for this device. But you can try if you want
    Unknown....................Digital PC Webcam CP10B3B
    Unknown....................Pcline 100K (installs itself as SoC PC Camera)

    TO INSTALL ez388xp.exe
    1. Click on the filename link above to download ez388xp.exe. Save it to desktop
    2. Double click the ez388xp.exe file. When the window appears, click unzip. This should create a folder on your desktop named 388xp
    3. Plug in your USB camera. Wait a shor while if a window pops up asking about install just cancel it.
    4. Start -> right click My Computer -> Left click Properties. Click on the hardware tab. Click the device manager button
    5. Look in the device manger list for CIF single chip or Generic USB device and you can verify the Device ID for the camera. Right click on the device name (not its ID)
    6. Select Update Driver. It'll ask if Windows can search for it. say NO, NOT THIS TIME, next
    7. Select Wizard should install from specific location. Click next - Select the option that says specify location ( OR ) Include this location (make sure this is the only option selected) - Click browse - Locate the 388xp folder on the desktop and select it. Click on ok and finally click next. If a version conflict appears, click yes to all files.
    8. If it says anything about being an unsigned driver, say Continue Anyway
    9. Finish the install process. The camera should now (hopefully) be operational.
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    OK. Just looked at the other couple possible drivers i mentioned and, it turns out, they're all one and the same as the driver i suggested in my earlier post (it apparently comes with Ezonics EZ Cam III which uses the same Pixart sensor)

    Please try that Ezonics EZ Cam III driver (install instruction in the post as well) and indicate if it worked for you or not. Hopefully, yes!!
  11. salty

    salty TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Evening LookinAround I just tried the Ezonics EZ Cam III driver and it worked Thanks for you help as well as any other who helped Thanks again :)
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