I think SP2 has burned my Burner.

By jan5
Jan 5, 2005
  1. My dvd writer was working fine, I could play and burn anything, now it wont recognise any disc I put in, blank or other wise. If I try to go to my drive via my computer, windows just crashes. I have a LG super multi link 4081B, running XP, and using Nero.

    Please help, any suggestion would be better then what I'm doing now.
  2. vegasgmc

    vegasgmc TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,377

    That could be a problem with your software-Roxio and Nero.
  3. dixielynn

    dixielynn TS Rookie

    I don't believe I have any software left that uses Roxio drivers but I still had a problem with my DVD after loading and using a trial version of Nero software. The nero trial came with my new memorex drive. The problem isn't with the memorex drive--it's fine but my older Sony read/write drive is now making some unusual noises. I installed the memorex and I assumed the nero CD was included software, so I loaded it to try it out. After a couple of failures and wasted disks I discovered that the software wouldn't burn because it was a demo with most of the .dll's missing. I wasn't looking for that kind of problem so I just thought I was doing something wrong and I tried it a few times. I finally realized it was a demo and I'd been wasting my time...the software didn't make it real obvious that it was a demo.

    Wasted time wasn't the worst of the consequences for my oversight though, while reading the help files in the nero demo, I found a short disclaimer warning the user might risk drive damage if they elected to check an option box for overburn. I suppose this feature was the reason the demo was loaded with my new memorex double layer drive.

    The thing is, I did not check any option boxes in this software for overburn or anything else, yet the overburn option was checked. It had to have been checked by default. That really upset me because I would not have opted to take that risk and now my Sony drive is making really ugly noises. I think nero should make their demo software more obvious (they have a little unlabeled flame option you have to click to get all this info) and I don't think the demo should come with the overburn option selected by default. I don't usually read all the help files before I use software. Maybe that's not a good policy but I would be doing a lot of reading if that were my practice.

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