I used TweakUI and now there are no user prfiles to log on to

By micadavis
Dec 20, 2008
  1. Hey, i downloaded TweakUI the windows powertools thing and i set it to hide my username on the log on screen. that was pretty stupid of me, but i thought that it wouldn't matter since i had the logon screen turned off. i am the only user on my computer. i might've also set it to autologon too, but i don't remember. i restarted my computer, and the log-on screen came up. it said like please select your user profile to continue or whatever, but there were no profiles to select. i tried hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del a bunch of times, but it only did that little error beep thing. i tried rebooting windows XP, repairing it, booting from the CD, reinstalling it, and a couple password hacker programs that i found online, and nothing worked. i tried making a password reset disk with the other computer in the house, but it's a mac with XP on the bootcamp thing, and it said that there weren't any removable disk drives. it's got a CD/DVD drive, but no floppy drive, so i thing that's what that was about. i really need help. can anyone suggest anything?
  2. micadavis

    micadavis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh yeah, one more thing: i can't get to safe mode. i tried the startup menu and all of that, but i just can't find it.
  3. micadavis

    micadavis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    never mind, i found out what the problem was. i have to hold down the keys for like 2 seconds for them to register on my welcome screen. i just held down ctrl-alt-del and the old fashoned logon screen came up. thanks anyways
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