My IP adress was banned - what to do?

Recently, I was banned on some forum, because I broke some rules. I didnt do it on purpose. I didnt know I was doing something wrong, because I didnt read the rules. I know, that its my false, but now I know what I did wrong. That ban is not something that would mind me so much though. What really minds me is that they also ban me on more sites on which I didnt break any rules.
How long the ban will last? What would I do to get rid of that? How can I unban my IP adress? Should I write to administrator of the forum? I was banned on my notebook and cant connect on these sites even with other devices. I connect to wifi via router. Could I reset it somehow to get new IP adress?


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Read the Terms of Service before you start posting next time.
Meanwhile, lookup Contact US and email the Admin