ICS stops working, tried everything, no joy!

By pardus
Oct 2, 2011
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  1. Just when I thought everything was fine ICS stops working :mad::mad:

    I'm stumped :confused:

    This is my setup:

    3G Phone -> 1st PC (XP Home) -> Belkin Router -> 2nd PC (XP Home, Ethernet) & Phone (WiFi)

    I have done this:

    reset router, restart PC's
    setup router for WiFi, WiFi phone shows connected fine
    Internet available fine on 1st PC through 3g phone
    change router ip from to, login again to router on new ip address - fine
    other computer - obtain ip auto.
    enable ICS on 3G phone adapter
    LAN adapter ip changes to (as expected)
    2nd PC ip =
    Files on 2nd PC visible & accessible via "my network places"
    No Internet on 2nd PC or phone via Ethernet nor via WiFi!!! :mad: It was working fine a few days ago!!!

    Internet doesn't seem to be getting to the router, as if although ICS enabled on 1st PC, that PC is blocking the internet to the router. Pinging, (3G phone adaptor's ip set to auto) and - all fine. I've tried turning off XP's firewall, tried restarting the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service in cmd/services.msc, restarted all machines, ipconfig /release & /renew plus a whole lot of other things I can't even remember. En/disable DHCP on router makes no difference except to lose connection with the 2nd PC/WiFi connected phone.


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