IE 7 or 8 Will Not Work

By Route44
Mar 31, 2010
  1. I'll try to make this short. A few weeks ago I went to upgrade from IE6 to 7 on my second PC but in the midst of installing my - then - corrupted memory caused my system to crash. I went back to attempt to reinstall but even the Windows Update site when scanning my system does not even suggest 7.

    So even though I don't want it I decided to try 8 without running any add-ons. The problem was the Google Tool bar my son installed afew months back threw up a warning that IE8 and the Google Tool bar were incompatible and it blocked IE 8 from installing.

    I had a devil of a time uninstalling the Google Tool bar. It refused to uninstall (yes, this was the legit tool bar and not malware). The executible was tenacious. As far as I can tell I cleaned everything out but to this day IE7 or 8 will not work even if I install them directly from Microsoft.

    The only recourse I have is to do a System Restore. I'll probably either install Chrome or the latest version of Firefox but I sure would like to know why IE 7 and 8 are blocked from connecting. I can download updates Windows updates and Avast updates but not connect to the internet.

    Any ideas?
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