IE7 connection issues

By Eslavs ยท 6 replies
Nov 25, 2006
  1. I just upgraded to IE7, and upon opening, it would not connect. I am running ZoneAlarm firewall. Should I uninstall then re-install the firewall?
  2. N1Hawk

    N1Hawk TS Rookie Posts: 222

    try to turn off the firewall then open IE 7
  3. Eslavs

    Eslavs TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    OK, disabled the firewall, no luck. Uninstalled then reinstalled the firewall, no luck. When I run the connection diagnostics, it tells me that the connection failure is most likely due to firewall settings - check the settings for the http port 80, https port 430, and ftp port 21. I have no clue where to do this. Any help?
  4. N1Hawk

    N1Hawk TS Rookie Posts: 222

    I work at an ISP, with IE 7 some people cannot connect to the Internet even with all the settings correct. I'm going to say this, try downgrading to IE 6 and you will be able to connect, because IE 7 is still really buggy!
  5. Tmagic650

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    Make sure you have installed all the MS updates before your install IE7. Remove IE7 and update Windows and reinstall IE7... Are you running XP, SP2? If so, remove Zone Alarm altogether
  6. Tedster

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    I regret upgrading to IE7 myself. I don't like the layout and I hardly ever use it except for windows updating.

    I suggest using another browser like mozilla, firefox, opera, etc....
  7. Tmagic650

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    Mozilla, Firefox and Opera are crap on an XP computer
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