If my son's computer freezes in middle of a game once more

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Dec 5, 2009
  1. he isnt going to be pleasant to live with and i can see where hes coming from- he will be in the widdle of a rome total war game and then the computer will just stop and refuse to respond and he has to start the computer again, its an elite computer we got from ginger6 - to be honest its always been a pan like this but other than that its been a good performer- ts vista basic- 32 bit and all that (thats as far as my tech insite goes) we have new graphics card, sound card, but it just isnt playing right- there is something wrong- what shall i do other than pay hundreds of pounds for a pc check?
    any answer is better than no answer
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    Hi rosie,

    Please read 8-step Virus Removal and download the Programs requested in the thread, then post the logs after you have run scans. The 3 most important software's we would like you to download is Malwarebyte's, SUPERAntiSpyware, and HijackThis. If you do not have a current up to date Anti-Virus software, please download either Avast! or Avira.
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    How much RAM is installed on the machine. Vista needs minimum of 2GB. If he's a big gamer, he might need more.

    If a computer freezes in the middle of a game so that it has to be rebooted to run again, that sounds very much like a memory problem- or lack of! When he reboots, he frees u[p the memory and the cycle start all over again.

    You have posted in the Virus and Malware Forum- but it sounds more like a RAM problem. IT is possible he may not have enough installed, or if he does, one or more of the memory chips may have gone bad. That can be checked too- but not in the V&M forum.
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    thakyou for your replies

    i am going to look into all of the suggestions for me to do which will take a while and let you know results

    termendously grateful- you have no idea- its horrid being in the dark and not knowing what to do- now i have your advice i will learn more

    the idea of not having enough ram is probably true- i dont know how much we have got-we always play our games with 40% spare space- sometimes we leave it 50% empty- i am going to ask my son how much ram we have got but i exoect its minimum requirments you need for gaming and its worth it to get some more- like i said we nly have 2 games installed at any one time as we want computer running at peak performance and dont like it if its bogged down with stuff. later when i do all the suggestions im going to ask how to maintain the computer properly, i do dsk clean up and fragmenter but im sure there is lots more i could do, i want a fuctional computer for my son to play with- so he doesnt have the stress of it freezing and that and always thinking he only ever has duff stuff- i do ry and tell him that even if we bught a new one- eventually wed be left with the same problem and the problem is not so much with the computer but with us not knowing enough about it- so i am going to make the effort to learn more-thansk so much for your help- its a GODS SEND and will lok into all this virus removal stuff and keep in touch
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    Easy to do when you know the path!
    • Click Start Orb
    • Click Control Panel
    • Click System and Maintenance
    • Click System
    • Check the System category to View amount of RAM and processor speed[/b]

    RAM will be in GB- gigabytes.
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