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If Windows Audio Enabled with PnP PC Locks Up.

By Ronny Ponny · 4 replies
May 27, 2008
  1. Hi All ,
    I hope somebody may be able to help.

    Just as it loads the Desktop, My Windows XP Pro Sp2 PC locks up,.. ,no mouse , no keyboard,... have to reset, and start in Safe Mode.

    I have reinstalled XP twice and used the Repair , and the SFC /scannow
    but no luck.

    I have just spent the last 2 days in MSCONFIG, deleting and adding ,Win-Ini , Sys-Ini, Services and Startup Applications. I must have started and restarted about 100 times while trying the different combinations.

    I can have everything Loaded as a Normal Boot, except if I have "Plug and Play " and "Windows Audio " loaded together in the Services Tab in MsConfig .
    I can have only one or the other, so I have settled on "PnP" and disabled "Windows Audio"..... that way I can use my Printer.

    Yesterday if i had the "PnP" disabled and the "Windows Audio " enabled ,..... I had a problem in Paint Shop Pro when I opened the Image Browser ... I would get the Pop up Message...
    Server Busy, This action can't be Completed because the other program is Busy, choose "Switch To" ... and go to the busy program and correct the Problem.
    If I clicked on switch to it would go to the "START" menu
    So I would click on Retry and Switch to a few times and then finally after 30 seconds of clicking back and forth ,..... the Image Browser would open.

    Now that I have the PnP enabled and the Audio disabled, the Paint Shop Pro Browser fires up straight away ...no problems.

    I have not installed anything other than trying to reinstall the Keyboard Driver for the Keyboard that I installed a few months ago, it has an option , where i could reconfigure the Hot keys to open different applications , but for the last few weeks , when i right click the icon in the tray , the properties comes up with the Microsoft Driver , where as originally it would have the Options box for reconfiguring.

    I think that is when the problem started , just after trying to reinstall the KB driver a few days ago.

    2 months ago , I replaced my Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Case, Graphics Card, and kept my 2 CD Rom/Writers ... and because they are 6 years old I had a problem getting Drivers to suit the XP .and all the new stuff, and every time i boot up,.. i receive the "New Hardware Found " and have to cancel because Windows can't install them , but do work OK.... I don't think they are the problem , because that's how it's been for quite a while...............

    I have had a problem with the Boot Up stopping in the Black XP Screen with animated blue dots , that would happen 3 out of 5 times on starting , but once it fired up it was OK except for Found New Hardware bit.

    I hope somebody may have had this problem before and know of a Fix , , my PC is working fine (as I can tell) ... with the exception of not having any sound.

    Sorry for being so Long winded in explaining, but I can't see the point in only giving you ½ the info.

    Before I do anything more ,I am going to do a Full back of all my Data,

    I have attached a Screenshot of my Task manager, just in case. it is needed.
    I hope you can help .
    Thanks ..... Ron.
  2. gtppopzz

    gtppopzz TS Rookie Posts: 37

    I am a little confused what your asking for? You can't find the sound driver? or you can and when you install it locks up? What sound card is it? system specs would be helpful in solving this issue thanks.
  3. Ronny Ponny

    Ronny Ponny TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi gtppopzz ,

    sorry I have just posted the above and i thought the Specs in my profile showed with each post.
    If I enable the windows audio in services on the MSCONFIG it locks up if i have PnP enabled.
    The sound card is part of the motherboard
  4. gtppopzz

    gtppopzz TS Rookie Posts: 37

    Ok do you know if you have the proper drivers for the on board audio card? You don't happen to have an old pci audio card laying around you could stick in do you? What is the model number of your motherboard?
  5. Ronny Ponny

    Ronny Ponny TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have upgraded all my Hardware as I said in the Post , all my old stuff "as with the Cds Roms" isn't compatible with all the new gear E4500CPU 2.2 Core 2, GA p35 DS3L Motherboard , and GeForce 8400GS Graphics card.
    this was all working until I tried to change the Keyboard Driver
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