I'm having issues with my systems.

By fierce99x
Jul 30, 2010
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  1. Lately I've been suspecting my graphics card was dying on me. I've been having my screen turn off, artifacts ingame, and very unplayable fps in games. As of now both my Cores are 34*C (93 *F), and the room temperature is well bellow 50.

    When I open the case I noticed that the card alone was extremely hot to the touch. It maybe do to that fact that its been on for more then 12 hours...is my card dying?

    How am I doing? Should I stop using my computer until I get a new card is this normal? If it is normal, why have my fps been less then 2 and why am I having color distortions and artifacts outside and inside games?

    Thank allot

    -card is not overclocked
    -I've had more then 3 blue screens of death ever since I began having problems
    -This temp is when idle
    -Simple games are unplayable now
    -Screen goes blank saying no connection to the card is found
    -Installed the latest drivers (still having the issue)
    -Also reinstalled the OS and downloaded new drivers, still same problem

    At the moment its gone up to 72 C, at idle.
  2. dividebyzero

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    What card do you have ?
    Some of the other system spec's wouldn't go amiss either, although if if the screen is showing artifacts then it's almost a certainty that the card is the culprit.
    First order of business would be to check for dust buildup- both in any chassis fan filters (if you have them) and the card itself. Check to see if the graphics card fan is turning if it uses one.
    Make sure the power is switched off at the power supply/wall, but leave the power cord attached to the wall socket -this will ground the chassis. If you touch any unpainted surface of the chassis you can discharge any accumulated static charge you may be carrying.
    Once done, unplug the power from the graphics card (if there is one/two), remove the card from the AGP/PCI/PCIe slot and check it for excessive dust buildup. The best way of cleaning it is to use a can of compressed air or electronics contact cleaner. I would not advise using the household vacuum cleaner as some people sometimes do, as dust particles moving in a dry enviroment can generate their own static charge. The odds are small, but that's of little consolation if it happens to you.
    Reseat the card, reconnect the power and see if that improves matters.
    A lot will depend on the age of the card since solder can crack with age and repeated heating/cooling cycles.

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