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By Tommy_Boy29
Aug 28, 2004
  1. Hi, My computer had 4 viruses don't know wich ones but eveytime I had to use norton's it would freeze my cpu, So I decided from advice from a friend to just re format, go to fdisk and remove the partitions and then create new ones and then re format them, So I have an 80 gig hard drive and had 2 partitions on it, so when the virus occured I decided to only make one partition, then install window XP again, it would go thru the first step of installing all components and so on and everytime it rebooted it would always say error missing operating file I believe it was ntldr file, but when I would partition half and half it would let me install windows xp completly but now I only have half my drive, I was told that the virus could me in the MBR ???? not sure but am at a lost of words now.... I was also told my hard drive is finished, Is there something that I could try or do to save this.... Thanx to all that will participate... :confused:
  2. Nodsu

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    If you created 2 partitions then you have to format the other one. Right click My Computer, Manage->Disk Management. You should see your disks and partitions there. Just format the unused partition or create the other partition there.
  3. Tommy_Boy29

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    nope cant do that for some reason windows is only showing that I have 40gigs and not 2 partition, I have an 80 gig hard drive, is it still possible that my hard drives are still infected with the virus and if so is there a way of totally cleaning the hole hard drive??? thanx for your time it is truly appreciated....
  4. Nodsu

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    You may have a virus but that cannot be the problem with your hard disks.

    Are you sure your computer supports 80GB hard drives?

    You could try using some serious partitioning software like Partition Magic.
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