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Inability to turn on computer after setting video card into Motherboard

By luisn
Aug 7, 2010
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  1. Hello there, I was kind of messing around with the video card today and before this, I could turn the computer on easily with the graphics card inside it (mind you it never worked but it turned on) and I never took it off so I don't know abou that.

    Yesterday, I took off the video card (for god knows why) and put it back in. I checked everything and it was all plugged in, the video card locked in place and I plugged the power into it. Tried turning on the computer and for no reason I could find, the computer would not turn on. I proceeded to take the video card off and it suddenly worked.

    Did I mess up the video card somehow in the process? I can't find anything that I did wrong.

    P.S. I installed the video card drivers from their site thinking it would make the video card work and of course, it didn't, now I have an enlarged screen. I know it Is probably the drivers doing this and I have to just uninstall them but...how do I go about doing that?

    P.P.S. Computer isn't connected to the internet even though my phone can get it via wi-fi, any help on that?

    Sorry for the extra two questions, much thanks!

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