[Inactive] Removing this virus?

By Sinn40
Mar 9, 2010
  1. I believe I have a virus known as IEXPLORER.EXE
    I was looking in my task manager and there are 2 running. One is pulling down major memory. Another site i was on saysthat it will shut my computer off it wants, this has happened that it will try to connect ot the net, that has happened. Just strange things all around. So I think I have it. The issue I have is removal. I read on the same site to go and search for iexplorer.exe in my windows search, I did and nothing shows. One shows up in the program menu if i go in and look manually. I am using windows vista, and Internet explorer 8. Any thoughts or ideas?

    Thank you
  2. Broni

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  3. zeta27

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    Step 1:

    disable recovery,
    download disk cleaner from diskcleaner.nl
    delete all temporaly files.
    update your antivirus program.
    run msconfig
    Disable all programs except your antivirus program
    In services Select "hide all Microsoft services" and disable all services there except your antivirus program.
    Push F8 key and select secure mode.
    run your antivirus in deep mode, and delete infections.
    install registry booster (Uniblue) (in taringa.com can download with key)
    run and repair registry.

    I hope works for you.

    zeta27 cambio y fuera.
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