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Mar 20, 2010
  1. Thank you for the opportunity to get reliable help here. I've followed your 8 steps for virus removal and hopefully things are better. I spent hours yesterday just trying to get the dang thing to boot up. It was like everytime it would get to the comodo scan it would shut down. It has been running really slow and acting strange periodically. I have been running Windows XP. I will attach the two logs. SuperAntispyware said there was nothing detected. I appreciate it if someone would check it over and let me know if there is anything else I can do to protect things. I'm not very savvy.
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    Virus Removal help

    I didn't get the attachments on the first post, sorry.

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  3. Broni

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  4. Fogle40

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    Thanks so much for redirecting me!
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    You're welcome :)
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    Looks like some confusing here- mods must have move the thread to the V&M forum.

    Fogel, you are slow because you have too many processes starting on boot and running in the background. I don't see any malware in these 2 logs, but would like to have the current status of your system regarding the original problems.

    Are you wanting us to check the system fully for malware? It's is possible you have some, additionally making the system slow. We can finish ruling that out-or in. Reading your description raises the possibility of possible system problems.

    Please don't start a new thread if you still need help with this. I have closed your other thread.
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    I see Avast, Comodo and BullGuard running.
    In case of Comodo do you have firewall only installed, or a whole security suite?
    Please, uninstall BullGuard.
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