Infamous NTFS.SYS Stop 0X00000024 Sil 3114 SATA running raid 0 2x160gb

Jan 19, 2006
  1. I have the infamous stop ntfs.sys 0X00000024 error and my pc keeps rebooting. I am running an Abit kv8-max3 system board and using the Sil 3114 sata controller running raid 0 on 2 160gb drives. I have read the previous posts on this error but did not see anyone that was using raid0 with 2 drives that had a fix. I could have missed it but if someone could help I surely would appreciate it, or send me to a post that had this problem with a fix............HELP!!!!!!! :mad:
  2. n1ckml007

    n1ckml007 TS Rookie

    ntfs.sys error, Si 3114 (Abit IC7-Max3)

    Did you ever resolve this issue? After recently setting up RAID 1 on some other SATA ports, I now get the same error message as you with the RAID 1 drives disconnected and trying to re-install windows on my RAID 0...
  3. n1ckml007

    n1ckml007 TS Rookie

    SI 3114 Abit IC7-Max3 issue fixed


    I think I fixed the issue (XP is now installing). I blew away both logical drives (raid 1 and 0) and test to see if XP would install on the newer drives (yes), so then I recreated the logical drives (raid 0 and raid 1) as I originally had it.

    Hopefully Windows with stay stable now (I still need to connect a 5th PATA drive which may also have been the cause of this issue).

  4. n1ckml007

    n1ckml007 TS Rookie

    Solved (Abit IC7-Max3)

    So I figured this out, my Abit IC7-Max3 changes the boot order in the BIOS by itself after you in a new drive! That was a very frustrating experience (playing with drive jumpers / cable positions, and reformatting windows. I hope this helps someone else.
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