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Inno3D 7600GS AGP Issues....

By des1fool
Dec 9, 2006
  1. Hi All, I am running on:
    AMD 64 3700+ Socket754
    NVIDIA Inno3D 7600gs 256ddr2
    1GB RAM + 512MB
    160Gb HDD
    Audigy 2ZS
    TV tuner (generic don't know brand..... but works in Xp Media center and vista!)
    Media card reader
    (This is a hp m1050e psu)

    My question is regarding my 7600gs, when I was running itunes 7 and chatting on trillian my screen colors acting weird like it was sort of pink and it flashed off and then it was normal, I disregarded it and thought it was normal but again it happend today... I have a feeling its the fan. The fan is very noisy and i even removed a pci card to see if it helped ventalation. It didn't. So if anybody could please reccomend any new fan's for the 7600gs agp to replace the original would really help me out, any other insight regarding the odd light pink screen don't hesitate to post... Thanks!

    BTW... Is there a way to lower my cas latency to 2.5 on my 1GB ram via XP because my ASUS mobo K8n-LAS or something like that has some HP blocked stuff so anybody who can help it would make a difference!

    EDIT: Btw, none of the games crash and in fact they run fine as if anything weren't wrong.. Any suggestions on the fan?
  2. TimeParadoX

    TimeParadoX TS Rookie Posts: 2,224

    Since when do videocards come in DDR2? :haha:

    What you could do for fans is get a case that has atleast 1-2 120mm fans ( on back would be best because all the parts are there ) and try not to run your computer with too many programs, What PSU ( Powersupply ) do you have? All you said was it's a HP PSU because that doesnt tell me very much :haha:

    What I think it is, is the PSU because if it's a low Watt power ( like 250w ) then your computer has alot of stuff upgraded to it like the 7600 AGP videocard which needs like 400w to power it and if your PSU is lower then the minimal watt then your computer will over heat or the PSU will die out

    Hope I helped :)
  3. sghiznaneck

    sghiznaneck TS Maniac Posts: 394

    I believe he's talking about the onboard RAM of the vid card. The newer ones out now, to include my 8800 GTX have DDR3 onboard RAM.
    Although, I do agree that a lower power supply will cause this problem. The best sense to use when purchasing a video card that requires it's own power connector is to ensure that your psu is AT LEAST 450 or higher.
  4. des1fool

    des1fool TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This is a 300w "Bestec" PSU... And I meant that the Onboard ram was ddr2 as opposed to ddr3 or ddr...
    The PSU never had any issues and for some odd reason I turned on the computer this morning and it was quiet but then the fan sped up. I have a buddy with a similar HP computer with the exact same psu on a PCI-E Mobo and he is running a 7800GT.

    This card does require a power connector and I haven't had any power issues or random turnoffs since the purchase. So please advise!

    And is there any aftermarket fan I would be able to purchase to quiet down the situation???
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