Inspiron 5150 Radeon Mobility 9000 display problems - HELP!!!

By dreamweaver
Sep 14, 2005
  1. My Laptop:
    Dell Inspiron 5150
    Radeon Mobility 9000 64MB
    Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 7200RPM 60GB
    UXGA display at 1600 x 1200

    This problem first appeared when I was playing Halo around 2 years ago. I made it half way through the campaign before anything went wrong. The screen would randomly go all funky soon after I started playing the game. I waited a few days without playing the game. When I resumed, everything worked. A year later while Playing Half Life 2, the same problem showed up. Again, I was around half way through the campaign - everything was working for a while until then. I experimented with many different display drivers, bios updates, reinstalls of XP, etc... I was able to fix the problem by using a certain Omega driver, but it would only work when I started the computer (display problem appeared), started the game, and then restarted (problem gone).
    Now the problem has reappeared randomly. This time it is worse than ever. Before, I would only encounter this when playing a game (Halo, HL2, CounterStrike). Now it not only appears on the desktop, but it appears on the XP boot screen while my pc is starting up. I have tried everything short of another reinstall of XP ( including opening up the whole laptop and blowing out the dust from the heatsink which I have done multiple times).
    Here are some screenshots taken from a while ago:

    I'm beginning to think this is a hardware problem.
    any help would be appreciated.
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