Install / uninstall progs in XP = totale freeze

By Damnass
Aug 9, 2007
  1. A few days ago everything went fine, I normally only have to install xp like once a year. I study ict and its also my hobby.

    Only thing I did last couple of days was adding alot of movie codecs ( I use only zoomplayer pro for everything ) and some progs for editing subs, movies etc

    My computer worked perfect untill now. I cant install codecs with zoomplayer anymore, coudnt uninstall nvidia suddenly, and every time the same result = total freeze. Strange thing is I can uninstall codecs who were already installed and I could uninstall powerDVD, zoomplayer.

    When I play movies, clips or other things that needs a media player, I get the same total freeze of xp. But again with some media files cp freezes and with some not ><

    Running crapcleaner, adaware, search and destroy, 2 online virusscans (bitdefender and panda) + 1 offline norton 360, registry cleaners and compressers, defrag, pagefile defrag, installing latest drivers of Nvidia, I got the latest windows updates.

    Cant find a logical connection to the problem... and again few days ago everything worked perfectly and the things I tryed, I do them weekly for over more then 1.5 year now so they cant cause the problem.

    I really hope somebody can help me out cause I really dont want to re install xp pro again.

    My specs:

    6600 dual core intell
    2x 350 G WD
    Geforce 7950 asus 512 MB
    win xp pro
    1024 MB 800 Mhz Corsair
  2. EZ123

    EZ123 TS Rookie Posts: 52

    please read my post in this thread.

    I can only help if you will provide me with the dump file that I describe the person in that thread.

    you will have to repredouce your freeze , and when the PC will freeze up, manual dump you machine. (Ctrl+Tap scroll lock twice)

    with this dump I would probably can tell you what the cause of the freeze.

  3. Damnass

    Damnass TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Will do it tomorow, dont have the time to do it now :)
    Thx for the help
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