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By Razaruz
Jul 3, 2007
  1. Hi y'all
    I'm not great (wouldn't even say ok) with computers and unfortunately decided to install my own internal D drive. I've managed to install it but my computer is not picking up the drive. Any suggestions on what the problem may be? I know now I should have left it to the experts!!!
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    What OS? XP?

    Go to control panel, set it to classic view if it isn't already there. Open up Administrative Tools, then Computer Management, then Disk Management. See if your new drive is there, if so it should show as unpartitioned space, you will need to create a primary partition there, probably should just make it the full size because I doubt you had planned on doing anything differently.

    If that doesn't work, then yes it is a simpler issue and Poertner_1274's suggestion should work.
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    If (and only if): you have plugged that hardisk (the new one) directly into the motherboard...go into "setup"(BIOS)...and see if the board has an "IDE" or "SATA" output disabled. Good Luck.
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