Installed new MB, get error beeps

By pieeye
Dec 31, 2005
  1. I installed an AMD Sempron 2400+ Processor with Mach Speed Venom V2DP Socket A ATX Motherboard into my friends computer after her Motherboard died. When I power it up the fans start up and then it the comp immediately shuts down,emitting a series of long beeps. I checked the Motherboard manual and suggests its a memory issue. I put in some known good DDR2100 memory and also some DDR2700 (after the DDR2100). Neither ram worked. Still getting the error beeps.I don't have any expansion cards installed, just Hard drive and CD-ROM. Could it be a bad Motherboard or CPU? I also disconnected the HDD, optical drive, & floppy,but I can't access the bios because the comp shuts down before the setup screen.It shuts down almost immediately after hitting the power button.(still with the long series of long beeps).
  2. David Alexandru

    David Alexandru TS Rookie Posts: 24

    the beeps represent some kind of code...what kind of code is it i don't really suggestion: put only ddr2100 or ddr2700
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